About Us

Education Townhall is published by Media & Brand Solutions International, a subsidiary of Urban affairs Limited. It was first published as an eight-page pull-out in Nigeria’s foremost Newspaper, The Daily Times Nigeria PLC in 2004, before it evolved into a media brand published in  National Life newspaper (2009) and National Daily Newspapers (2013) respectively; with acclaimed Career/Education writer, Mr. Okee Sydney-Obiukwu, functioning as pioneer editor.

The management of Media & Brand Solutions International took a proactive decision in 2015 to adapt the original version of Education Townhall published in print, into an on-line edition, having envisioned that the future of journalism is steadily heading towards the on-line and electronic media, generally.  And this gave birth to Education Townhall on-line in June 9, 2015, to deliver world class journalism, with bias for education and career.

Our Evolution

MBS International is a subsidiary of Urban Affairs Limited founded in 1998 in Nigeria. Urban Affairs Limited then with a staff strength of five, later grew to eighteen staff and management members. The relatively liquid company was engaged principally in advertising, media consulting and printing.

As expected of every organic entity, the activities of the company expanded into global marketing, perception auditing, projects/hotel management, coordinating conferences and staff training/workshops and publishing.  It therefore became necessary to create a purely media and brand consulting company, out of the parent company-Urban Affairs Limited, to decongest its activity load.

Our clientele function in the Education Sector, Oil and Gas, telecommunication, Tourism and Entertainment industries.

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